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I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth Granoff

I had the privilege of working with Elizabeth Granoff throughout the character and fitness portion of my bar application. From the beginning, it was clear that Elizabeth was the right attorney to guide me through this difficult process. Elizabeth is extremely experienced, and her deep understanding of the intricacies of the character and fitness process is remarkable. However, what truly… Read more “I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth Granoff”

Liz was incredibly helpful

Liz was incredibly helpful in putting together my character and fitness application. I had a unique situation involving political activism as well as numerous other areas of concern in my background. She was patient and very strategic in helping me explain my background on my application. I would 100 percent recommend hiring her if you anticipate character and fitness being… Read more “Liz was incredibly helpful”

I Would Recommend Her Without Hesitation

Liz worked with me in connection with my full admission to the Illinois Bar. She was extremely responsive and provided me with invaluable insight throughout. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I always felt that she truly took a personal interest in me as a client. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking her… Read more “I Would Recommend Her Without Hesitation”

One of the Most Talented Attorneys I have Ever Met

Elizabeth is undeniably one of the most talented attorneys I have ever met. My law school and bar application contained numerous matters of concern for the Illinois Board and Committee on Character and Fitness, stemming from issues such as disclosure and poor decisions I made during my college years. As a result, I was required to appear before the Character… Read more “One of the Most Talented Attorneys I have Ever Met”

Liz had a life changing impact on me

I retained Liz in order to help prepare for the IL Bar Character and Fitness review. Her counsel began during my last semester in law school and continued through the application process which included an interview by the committee. The Character and Fitness inquiry was always a concern of mine and an aspect of obtaining a law license that caused… Read more “Liz had a life changing impact on me”

Liz’s counsel was essential to my being admitted to the Illinois bar.

Liz’s counsel was essential to my being admitted to the Illinois bar. I had a history of poor choices ranging from minor discretions to serious problems with the law. These resulted in a substantial number of concerns for the Character and Fitness Committee (“C&F”). I had worked hard to rectify the problems in my past and moved forward with my… Read more “Liz’s counsel was essential to my being admitted to the Illinois bar.”

I felt better after just speaking to Liz

Character and fitness was, for me, harder than law school and harder than the bar exam. I graduated magna cum laude and passed the bar with a high enough score to practice in any UBE jurisdiction – and then some. Still my life was a mess for many years when I was young, I made many terrible decisions along the… Read more “I felt better after just speaking to Liz”

Best Thing you can do is to Consult Liz

I sought Liz’s assistance after being called for an interview by the Illinois Board of Bar Admissions’ Character and Fitness Committee. There were some serious red flags in my application due to certain incidents in my 3L year. It was an extremely stressful situation but I felt reassured since the moment I contacted Liz. We had a short timeline to… Read more “Best Thing you can do is to Consult Liz”

Sara – Paralegal 

I received an ARDC complaint for the unauthorized practice of law.  I was terrified to say the least, even after consulting with a few different defense attorneys I knew this was an uphill battle.  I am so glad I decided to keep searching and found Liz.  To say that she saved my life and career is an understatement. She was… Read more “Sara – Paralegal “

When the ARDC comes calling, call Liz!

Multiple years of litigation with the same opposing attorneys and their clients, also attorneys, produced sequential ongoing ARDC requests for investigation against me which I personally defended to favorable conclusions.  Most recently, a new request for investigation was filed against me which I thought would be yet another home run.  Wrong!  My initial pro-se response – legalese, privilege claiming and… Read more “When the ARDC comes calling, call Liz!”

Bar Exam Applicant

During my character and fitness evaluation process, Ms. Granoff’s assistance and expertise was extremely helpful. The process was difficult and challenging, but Ms. Granoff was constantly resourceful and supportive and she was available to answer questions that I had at any time. She was extraordinarily helpful in preparing me for my initial interview and made sure I knew exactly what… Read more “Bar Exam Applicant”

Bar Applicant Elizabeth Counselled

Elizabeth A. Granoff has been representing me since May 12, 2010. Elizabeth has been extremely supportive and helpful, assisting me and guiding me in my pursuit of an Illinois law license. I recently passed the Illinois Bar exam and I felt reassured because I felt confident that I had the right counsel to assist me with my interviews with Character… Read more “Bar Applicant Elizabeth Counselled”

Former law student now an attorney

Elizabeth Granoff’s advice and counseling in completing the Character and Fitness evaluation and appearing in front of my Character and Fitness panel, helped me by giving me confidence and knowledge of what to expect. Her knowledge of the process and what would be required of me by the panel helped me in my preparation prior to meeting with the panel.… Read more “Former law student now an attorney”

Elizabeth has compassion, kindness, and ability to listen and console me

Without Liz’s guidance, it would have been much, much harder for me to gain admission to the Illinois Bar. I had a very serious character and fitness issue that took place the year before law school that I swept under the rug until my third year of law school. I called Liz early in my third year, desperate for help… Read more “Elizabeth has compassion, kindness, and ability to listen and console me”

Sole practitioner, Geneva, Illinois

Managing a mid sized litigation firm is no easy task, and I could not have been more pleased to have Elizabeth Granoff consulting for the firm. Elizabeth simply delivers results, and she developed some creative solutions for our management problems that others were not able to solve. Elizabeth is also a skilled problem facilitator: a client came to the office… Read more “Sole practitioner, Geneva, Illinois”

Character & Fitness Testimonial

I retained Elizabeth to handle my Character and Fitness Interview and wish that I had contacted her before submitting my application. When I filled out my application 1L year, I was not sure about what to include in a few sections. My law school told me to just use my best judgment and when I couldn’t find information for some… Read more “Character & Fitness Testimonial”

Attorney Elizabeth Represented

Just a short note of thanks for your efforts throughout this proceeding. While I realize the case is not quite over, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for your professionalism and assistance. Your help made it a little bit easier to get through a very difficult time in my life. While I know I… Read more “Attorney Elizabeth Represented”

Client who recently was admitted to a State Bar

Thank you very much for all your help. I wouldn’t have made it without you. I was lucky to find someone with your level of experience and knowledge. I will refer anyone I know to you in the future. Client who recently was admitted to a State… Read more “Client who recently was admitted to a State Bar”

Attorney for exempt and for-profit corporations

Liz is truly a lawyer’s lawyer. She is a strong advocate, a wonderful resource, and a trusted advisor. Any attorney confronted with an ethical issue or desirous of having a reliable source of information attendant to ethical issues would do well to work with Liz. -Attorney for exempt and for-profit corporations, Chicago,… Read more “Attorney for exempt and for-profit corporations”

Plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was apparent that you cared about the process/outcome and I appreciate that. -Plaintiff’s medical malpractice… Read more “Plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney”

Client Artistic Cooperative

Elizabeth is a dependable and ethical lawyer. She will go to many lengths to aide you in your case or transaction. I would recommend her for any client who needs help in her specialties. Client Artistic Cooperative, Innervation Dance Cooperative reported to Elizabeth at Law Offices of Elizabeth A.… Read more “Client Artistic Cooperative”

Executive, information technology company

Elizabeth is a very reliable and responsible attorney. She also take a genuine interest in all of the matters that she becomes involved with, whether it is a disgruntled client or attorney, she makes the individual feel like they are the most important thing in her day. Elizabeth holds herself to a higher standard, and that attitude carries over to… Read more “Executive, information technology company”

Personable, High Integrity | Elizabeth A. Granoff Attorney

My wife and I hired Elizabeth for a lawsuit starting back in 2010. Throughout the process Elizabeth has been very knowledgeable, hardworking, and committed to our case. Elizabeth was able to negotiate for us a desirable outcome to our case. We recommend her work for any client’s civil matters. Hired Elizabeth as a Attorney in… Read more “Personable, High Integrity | Elizabeth A. Granoff Attorney”

Conscientious Attorney | Elizabeth A. Granoff Attorney

Elizabeth Granoff is a colleague and close friend to me. We refer cases to each other and have also co-counseled cases. Elizabeth is a conscientious attorney who is dedicated to her clients and the profession of law. I highly recommend Elizabeth as an attorney as she is an asset to the profession. Attorney who was with another company when working… Read more “Conscientious Attorney | Elizabeth A. Granoff Attorney”

Highly-Experienced and Knowledgeable About Matters of Attorney Discipline

Ms. Granoff and I were co-counsel on a matter tried to a five-member panel of the Supreme Court’s Committee on Character and Fitness. Liz is highly-experienced and knowledgeable about matters of attorney discipline, creative in her advice and approach to special/unique problems, highly accessible and responsive, well-prepared, compassionate, personable and articulate. I would highly recommend her to clients in need… Read more “Highly-Experienced and Knowledgeable About Matters of Attorney Discipline”

Client who hired Elizabeth as a Attorney in 2002

Elizabeth has represented me for years in dealing with advance decision making concerning legal ethics, conflicts of interest and other matters. When client matters touch on areas of legal ethics or judicial conduct, she has performed exceptionally as co-counsel. She has a sense of balance between practical and legal approaches that serves all quite well. Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity… Read more “Client who hired Elizabeth as a Attorney in 2002”

Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Liz Granoff is a lawyer’s lawyer. She is serious, puts in the time, and conducts herself and her practice in a very professional manner. Her advice can help to stop a minor issue from becoming a major problem. Ethical. That sums it up. Client who hired Elizabeth as a Attorney in… Read more “Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”

Professional, Ethical & Knowledgeable

I have worked with Elizabeth on multiple legal matters over the past ten years as opposing counsel. I have always found her to be professional, ethical and knowledgable. She is a pleasure to work with. Attorney who was with another company while working with Elizabeth at Law Offices of Elizabeth A.… Read more “Professional, Ethical & Knowledgeable”

Personable, High Integrity

When I had a problem involving admission to the Illinois Bar, Elizabeth helped me avoid mistakes I would have made if I had not had her counsel. Her knowledge of the admissions process focused me on making the right steps to resolve the problem. Law Student who hired Ms. Granoff to assist in State Bar Admissions… Read more “Personable, High Integrity”

Ms. Granoff is AMAZING

Everyone thinks they know how to fill out the Bar application. I went through three years of law school how hard could this be? These are the exact words I muttered to myself as I began the application. However, when you are down to the last two weeks before the application is due, and you All Testimonials realize you have… Read more “Ms. Granoff is AMAZING”

Enlist Ms. Granoff’s Help

It is incredibly stressful to have an issue with the C&F process. When seeking help, it is important to find someone that is tenaciously tough and considerably compassionate. Ms. Granoff is that person. She rigorously prepared me for a tenacious interview so when the actual interview came around I was able to answer any question that was thrown my way… Read more “Enlist Ms. Granoff’s Help”

Thanks Liz

Liz is noticeably experienced in the niche field of C&F applications; I highly recommend her to any law student under scrutiny by Character and Fitness! I made a great decision in retaining Liz: She guided me through the law school disclosure process after I realized that I failed to make certain disclosures on my law school application, she helped me… Read more “Thanks Liz”

Be Smart and Call Ms. Granoff NOW

I successfully and expeditiously resolved the character & fitness aspect of my Bar application thanks to help from Attorney Elizabeth Granoff. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of help with any past character or fitness flaws. If you think you are going to have a problem, or know you are going to have a problem, the best… Read more “Be Smart and Call Ms. Granoff NOW”

Thank You Liz

Thank you Liz. It was a real pleasure working with you. Honestly, I don’t know who I would have turned to if you hadn’t responded to my first email. I also have to thank all your past clients that said so many nice thing to say about you. I may have said this before, but it was their sincere appreciation… Read more “Thank You Liz”

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