Liz had a life changing impact on me

I retained Liz in order to help prepare for the IL Bar Character and Fitness review. Her counsel began during my last semester in law school and continued through the application process which included an interview by the committee.

The Character and Fitness inquiry was always a concern of mine and an aspect of obtaining a law license that caused a great deal of stress and anxiety. After retaining Liz for assistance, I felt relief as I immediately became aware of her expertise and competence in this field. Liz not only demonstrates the knowledge and skill required to be a successful attorney but she goes further as she makes it clear that she cared about my situation and approached handling my case with passion. She made sure that I was adequately prepared for each step of the application process practically and emotionally. Her careful guidance, effort, and passion ultimately led to my recommendation for certification. The joy that Liz demonstrated when we received the positive result speaks volumes about her character and truly illustrates her commitment to her clients.

Liz had a life changing impact on me. If you are someone that needs assistance with Character and Fitness I highly recommend her as the best option available.

Thank you Liz!