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Should I Even Apply to Law School?

I will frequently get asked by individuals should I even apply to law school? Sometimes they express their desire to become a lawyer, but l inform me of their past criminal, sometimes juvenile issues, problems with their finances, civil lawsuits, drinking related and also academic problems. Often someone has a combination of all of these […]

The Importance of Disclosure

The practice of law is a privilege.  As lawyers, we are held to high standards.  In order to become a lawyer, an applicant must meet strict standards and qualifications.  Attorneys maintain a great responsibility to uphold the law, act ethically, and serve their clients selflessly.  The Character and Fitness process helps the State Board understand […]

Bar Application: Where do I begin?

The process of filing out your bar application is daunting. Even if you are young and have no background issues, an applicant often asks how do I start? I recommend start with the easy questions. Get these out of the way first and wait on handling the serious Character and Fitness questions until later. Some […]

Conditional Admission due to Substance Abuse Issues

There is no question that people make mistakes, that you can learn from these mistakes, overcome your past, and ultimately lead both an enriching and productive professional and personal life.   Lets address Conditional Admission due to Substance Abuse Issues. During my many years of  private practice after leaving the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, […]

Why Amending Applications in Law School Is Necessary

Honesty during your law career is important, beginning with law school. Your moral character application is essential to attaining your goal. The value of disclosing your history on a law school application is critical. Being honest and accurate on a law school application can help you be successful. However, if you are not careful to […]