Bar Admissions Character & Fitness Issues

Defending Attorneys, students and other licenced professionals or applicants with professional disciplinary, licensing, or admission issues.

Sara – Paralegal 

I received an ARDC complaint for the unauthorized practice of law.  I was terrified to say the least, even after consulting with a few different defense attorneys I knew this was an uphill battle.  I am so glad I decided to keep searching and found Liz.  To say that she saved my life and career… Read more “Sara – Paralegal “

When the ARDC comes calling, call Liz!

Multiple years of litigation with the same opposing attorneys and their clients, also attorneys, produced sequential ongoing ARDC requests for investigation against me which I personally defended to favorable conclusions.  Most recently, a new request for investigation was filed against me which I thought would be yet another home run.  Wrong!  My initial pro-se response… Read more “When the ARDC comes calling, call Liz!”

Thank You Liz

Thank you Liz. It was a real pleasure working with you. Honestly, I don’t know who I would have turned to if you hadn’t responded to my first email. I also have to thank all your past clients that said so many nice thing to say about you. I may have said this before, but… Read more “Thank You Liz”

Be Smart and Call Ms. Granoff NOW

I successfully and expeditiously resolved the character & fitness aspect of my Bar application thanks to help from Attorney Elizabeth Granoff. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of help with any past character or fitness flaws. If you think you are going to have a problem, or know you are going to… Read more “Be Smart and Call Ms. Granoff NOW”

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