Ethics Opinion

Every lawyer experiences times or moments when they are not sure what to do.  An ethical question or minefield can occur at any time.  What do you do?

Ethic consultations are the solution.

Ethical dilemmas

Legal and Ethical issues are complex.  You need an honest, upfront, and ethical opinion.  You need someone who is objective, can look at all the facts, the law, opinions, and help guide you in order to make the correct decision.  You need to protect your client and possibly even yourself.

The rules, court opinions and informal opinions

The Rules of Professional Conduct vary State by State.  The Rules are constantly changing and do not always address specific ethical issues.  There is a vast library of disciplinary cases, advisory and opinions which exist  It is often imperative to hire an attorney with the background and knowledge of Legal Rules and Ethics to guide you and give you legal advice to reach a decision.  .

My Services

I provide ethic consultations, written ethic opinions, and I can act as an ethics expert in ongoing litigation, I regularly provide ethical consultations and ethical opinions on a wide range of ethical issues, including conflicts of interest, confidentiality issues, fee division, and questions that arise during the course of litigation. Contact me to discuss this further.