Congratulations, you have made it in Law School or you know that you eventually want to go to Law School. However, you have some things in your past, or the not so so distant past that will likely cause either your Law School, or Character and Fitness to scrutinize your Applications. These issues must be correctly addressed with your law school and the State Bar. Failure to adequately disclose or disclosures handled wrong can stop you from admission to the State Bar.

State Admission Boards require all applicants to have sound moral character and demonstrate their fitness.  The determination of an applicant’s moral character includes analyzing past criminal history, previous educational disciplinary issues, material omissions or misrepresentations, and license revocations. Other issues may be reviewed.

Elizabeth Granoff can guide, advise, and counsel you on the process and assist you to obtain Ms. Granoff has helped students in applying for admission to the bar throughout the United States. Although only licensed in Illinois, Ms. Granoff consults with students on admission issues in all 50 states.

Mrs. Granoff charges a fair and reasonable fee based on each client’s Her fee may be either an hourly or a fixed rate as agreed to by all the parties. Ms. Granoff prides herself on her rapport with clients, accessibility, and professionalism. Mrs. Granoff gives each of her cases personal attention and works individually with her clients on a specific plan designed for their best interests. She prepares her clients for all meetings with committee members and honestly access each clents credibility, honesty, and professionalism.