Liz’s counsel was essential to my being admitted to the Illinois bar.

Liz’s counsel was essential to my being admitted to the Illinois bar. I had a history of poor choices ranging from minor discretions to serious problems with the law. These resulted in a substantial number of concerns for the Character and Fitness Committee (“C&F”). I had worked hard to rectify the problems in my past and moved forward with my life; but I found I minimized and working with Liz not only prepared me for the review the bar would give but also helped me grow and genuinely own the past, to reflect on it and recognize what I’ve learned.

At times, I thought it was insurmountable, and Liz helped keep my hope alive (while being cautiously optimistic).

I realized that this would not be easy, but with Liz’s help, I would be prepared for review by C&F.

Liz helped me prepare essays and to disclose with the detail and candor you must. Your bar application is a serious matter, and you should give it the thought and care it deserves. For me, working with Liz helped me achieve that.

My process took what felt like an eternity, and Liz and I continued to prepare. As we neared the interview date, we were having our own interviews and discussing everything that could possibly arise.

On the day I faced C&F, I felt prepared and confident about my story, what I overcame and that I did possess the character and was fit to be an attorney.

As I waited, Liz gave me comfort and recognized that this was an excruciating process.

I recently heard the good news that was certified to the IL Supreme Court, and now I’m an attorney with a wonderful career ahead of me.

Liz provides legal counsel, but also support and guidance as you navigate this challenging endeavor. I would highly recommend that you utilize her expertise if you have anything in your past. I’m a true believer that you can overcome anything, but you must recognize the past for what it is and own it. Learn from it. Disclose it. Be ready to discuss it.

Thank you, Liz!