I felt better after just speaking to Liz

Character and fitness was, for me, harder than law school and harder than the bar exam. I graduated magna cum laude and passed the bar with a high enough score to practice in any UBE jurisdiction – and then some. Still my life was a mess for many years when I was young, I made many terrible decisions along the way, and the time to account for my past had come.

Revisiting those memories as an adult was emotionally difficult for me to begin with, but added to that was the fear that I could lose my chance to practice law after working so incredibly hard to accomplish the things I had. I wasn’t sure I would be able to clear the character and fitness hurdle, and after the first deadline for submitting my application to the bar had passed, I still did not feel confident in my application. At that point, I took the step that I should have taken before even starting law school; I called Liz Granoff. I felt better after just speaking to Liz during our first phone call.

As strange as it sounds, hearing her confirm that I had work to do, and that this would not be easy, actually gave me relief. I suddenly felt like I had someone on my team and that I wasn’t going to have to do this alone. Let’s be honest, the folks at the board of admissions take this process VERY seriously. If you have something to explain, they will make you explain it. No one with a messy past should take this on alone.

After receiving the long awaited news today that my application was being certified, I know I made the right choice giving her a call that day. I could not have gotten through this without her, and now that I have gone through it, I know that I would have fallen on my face if I had tried. I urge anyone reading this who has any concerns to contact Liz right away. Trust me – you want her on your team!