One of the Most Talented Attorneys I have Ever Met

Elizabeth is undeniably one of the most talented attorneys I have ever met. My law school and bar application contained numerous matters of concern for the Illinois Board and Committee on Character and Fitness, stemming from issues such as disclosure and poor decisions I made during my college years. As a result, I was required to appear before the Character and Fitness Committee. Seeking an attorney to guide me through this process, my research led me to Elizabeth and I decided to give her a call. During our initial call, we had a lengthy discussion of the details surrounding my character and fitness application and it became immediately apparent that I would be in great hands with Elizabeth. She spent a significant amount of time and effort preparing me for my interview to the point where I felt more than confident during my actual interview before the Character and Fitness Committee. Luckily, and I truly believe that not without Elizabeth’s guidance, the Character and Fitness Committee member notified me at the end of my interview that my application would be approved.

Not only is Elizabeth a phenomenal attorney, she is also a very kind person that cares very much about her clients. She always made herself available to address any questions or concerns and always took the time and effort to build my confidence whenever I was nervous. I’m so glad that I had Elizabeth by side during such a stressful process – her guidance and support was truly remarkable.