When the ARDC comes calling, call Liz!

Multiple years of litigation with the same opposing attorneys and their clients, also attorneys, produced sequential ongoing ARDC requests for investigation against me which I personally defended to favorable conclusions.  Most recently, a new request for investigation was filed against me which I thought would be yet another home run.  Wrong!  My initial pro-se response – legalese, privilege claiming and insufficiently apologetic – was a swing and a miss.  Abraham Lincoln was right.  He who represents himself has a fool for a client, especially when it pertains to ARDC matters.

When further proceedings ensued, and after my malpractice insurance carrier left me high and dry, I called Liz Granoff.  Having worked at the ARDC for many years, the breadth and scope of Liz’ experience with disciplinary matters is beyond comparison and without peer.

In our initial telephone conversation, Liz carefully evaluated my situation and immediately knew what I needed to do to achieve resolution.  In our in-person interview, Liz’s knowledge,  professionalism and quiet confidence was most reassuring to me during this challenging time.

I followed Liz’ excellent advice to the letter and in due course my ARDC matter was resolved successfully.

Simply, when the ARDC comes calling, call Liz! – Bob