Enlist Ms. Granoff’s Help

It is incredibly stressful to have an issue with the C&F process. When seeking help, it is important to find someone that is tenaciously tough and considerably compassionate. Ms. Granoff is that person. She rigorously prepared me for a tenacious interview so when the actual interview came around I was able to answer any question that was thrown my way with confidence and poise. Her roleplays were tougher than the actual interview, but it is vital to train for a half-mile race by running mile intervals. Ms. Granoff’s hard-nosed approach is graciously complimented by her unique ability to put her client’s mind at ease. I had no idea what the process was or how long it would take to clear up my C&F issue. She helps clear up the shroud of mystery that surrounds the C&F process by realistically setting expectations, allowing me to breathe easy and focus my energy on actually handling the issue. I highly recommend anyone dealing with C&F issues to enlist Ms. Granoff’s help…and quickly.