Ms. Granoff is AMAZING

Everyone thinks they know how to fill out the Bar application. I went through three years of law school how hard could this be? These are the exact words I muttered to myself as I began the application. However, when you are down to the last two weeks before the application is due, and you All Testimonials realize you have many incidents to explain, this is where Ms. Granoff is AMAZING.

The process is certainly scary. Ms. Granoff makes it A LOT easier. The stress levels of law school are already high enough and worrying about the Bar application on your own is the wrong way to go. Whether you have a mental illness, have been arrested, have been fired from a previous job because of your poor performance, or all of the above, Ms. Granoff is the person to seek.

Ms. Granoff was there from the beginning to the end of the Bar exam application and character process. Whether it was via email or phone conversations, Ms. Granoff’s services were above and beyond what I expected. She was available at any moment to easy my concerns, and most importantly she was not judgmental of my current and previous problems.

Finally, Ms. Granoff cares. She wants you to do well. This was apparent from the moment I spoke to her. I am very happy that I sought her services and I hope to keep in touch with her in the future about my successes as a lawyer.

Maryland Applicant