Character & Fitness Testimonial

I retained Elizabeth to handle my Character and Fitness Interview and wish that I had contacted her before submitting my application. When I filled out my application 1L year, I was not sure about what to include in a few sections. My law school told me to just use my best judgment and when I couldn’t find information for some very minor sections (traffic tickets, high school records) I just left them blank.

After passing the Bar, I was shocked to get a letter from the Character and Fitness Committee and to learn that I might not get sworn in with my class. Having no clue about the process and having a very clean background, I went in for my initial interview without any assistance.

My interviewer was difficult to work with and wanted to schedule another meeting or two. They accused me of intentionally concealing information and I feel fortunate to have found Elizabeth who informed me of the process and my rights. After finding her with very little time to prepare, she worked with me to make sure that I aced my next interview and was confident that if the process went to a full hearing she would be there to advocate for me.

I would recommend that anyone with questions about their application contact Elizabeth immediately to avoid the stress and hassle that I had to deal with. Being days away from getting sworn in, I should not have been stressing out, but celebrating.