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Preparing for an ARDC Defense in Chicago

Preparing an ARDC Defense in Chicago can be a trying experience. For lawyers, one of the most terrifying moments is when a client files a complaint. Once the complaint arrives, the next step is to prepare an ARDC defense. While you are trained as a lawyer, you need help from an attorney who concentrates in this field.

Avoid Panicking

Before you start to panic, you should realize that you are not the only person to experience this. Most attorneys who have practiced for a long time will experience this situation at least once. Take a breath, calm down and stay focused. Do not underestimate the potential impact of an ARDC, but also make sure to avoid panicking.

Getting Your Response Ready

Normally, you will have a due date to prepare your response. Before this date passes, make sure that you begin preparing your response. If you need extra time, the investigating authority may grant an extension if you request one. Keep in mind that the disciplinary authority is like the prosecutor. It is up to them to determine if they want to prosecute or not.

Once you receive the grievance, make sure to read it through carefully. In general, you will want to read through it several times so that you understand the client’s viewpoint exactly. Although you have acted ethically and according to the law, it is always possible that the client’s case will have merit. Even if the case has merit, it does not mean that you violated any ethics rules. To make sure that you have not violated any rules, get an objective opinion from someone else.

As you prepare a response, keep in mind that it may take several times. You may need to create multiple drafts as you try to directly address the conduct in the ARDC defense case Chicago. Stay objective and avoid getting defensive. If you have any documents that may help, attach them to the response even if they are already on file. At the end of your response, ask for the case to be dismissed.

Retain Counsel

Your best chance of getting the grievance dismissed is during the response stage. Before you turn in the response, you will want to retain disciplinary defense counsel. While many attorneys dislike spending money to hire someone else for legal matters, it is the best thing that you can do to handle the investigation. Find someone who is familiar with case law, disciplinary rules and procedure. Once this is done, submit the response and wait for your decision. Only a handful of these cases results in disciplinary measures, so be patient.